Cast Stone Institute Specifications

Architectural cast stone is a superior concrete building product that replicates natural cut stone. A masonry component, it is used as an architectural feature, trim, ornament or facing for buildings and other structures.

As a cast stone manufacturer and member of the Cast Stone InstituteĀ® (CSI), Sun Precast uses locally available sand, stone and well-graded gravel aggregates, combining these with refined mineral coloring pigments to achieve the desired appearance while maintaining long-lasting physical properties.

Sun Precast utilizes a variety of methods to mold refined cast stone resulting in the compressive strength and weathering qualities essential for new installation as well as replacement of limestone, brownstone, sandstone, bluestone, granite, slate, keystone, travertine and other natural building stones.

More information about the Cast Stone Instituteā€™s standard specifications for architectural cast stone, please follow this link: CSI Specifications